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e-Commerce Re-design Package

Take your shop from ho-hum, non performance to compelling your audience to buy and your shop ready to crush sales!

(this 20 hour package saves you 18% on my standard hourly rate)

Do any of these things describe where you are at with your online shop?

  • You've launched your shop and it is struggling
  • Your audience isn't converting on your shop highly enough
  • Your shop aesthetic is pretty average and you want to give it a kick ass look
  • You are experiencing very little organic traffic from google searches for your products
  • You really need some advice on how to get your shop working
  • You set up your shopify site yourself and you're looking for solid advice on how to lift your conversions, design compelling product pages and get more out of your email marketing
  • You don't know which 3rd party shopify apps to use to get you results

Believe it or not it's actually more time consuming to redesign an ecommerce shop than to design a shop from scratch. I'm happy to take a look at your shop for FREE and give you an analysis of what improvements can be made to get it working better for you, just hit me up on messenger if you'd like me to take a look.

What do you get with a Shop Re-design Package?

If you've said yes to 3 or more of the above bullet points you'll know that to get the results you want you'll need to engage someone that really understands the ecommerce world to not only make your shop look fantastic but to also guide you to getting the best results. With your Shop Re-design Package you'll get 20 hours of high quality design and consultation:

  • a comprehensive initial design and performance consultation
  • a redesigned home page including all custom artwork, enhanced branding, product and collection showcasing and google indexing
  • a full analysis of current SEO and recommendations to maximise your SEO google search results
  • 3 enhanced high conversion product pages and 2 high conversion collection pages that can be used as templates for all of your products
  • an analysis of your current shopify apps and recommendations for apps that will lift your results
  • SEO enhanced blog set-up
  • Set up of connected facebook shop and recommendations for facebook traffic conversions

Currently my clients with redesigned shops are collectively grossing over $3 million dollars a year in sales revenue and growing month on month.