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Launch Marketing Package

So your shop is built and it's time to launch!

(this 12 hour package saves you 18% on my standard hourly rate)

How are you going to get the most out of the launch of your store, how will you drive traffic to it, how will you maximise your conversations from this traffic, will you use social, will you use influencers, will you use FB ads, will you use Google Ad words, what is a normal ROI?

There is a science to your launch and if you get it wrong you can waste a lot of time, effort, momentum and advertising dollars. Most people ask themselves all of the questions listed above, but very few have the answers, after all they have never launched a store before. 

What do you get with a Launch Marketing Package?

After launching many stores and analysing the results for my clients there are a few things that stand out to me to ensuring that you have a successful launch:

  • a pre-launch campaign and list building process is essential to your launch success
  • every store and its products are different and therefore different marketing approaches need to be applied to your launch 
  • multi channel marketing approaches work best (EDM, Social, Paid advertising and content marketing)
  • you need a solid retargeting approach, abandoned cart conversion strategy and automated customer follow up processes

So here's what you get with my launch marketing package:

  • an individually tailored strategy based on the dynamics of your products and your audience segment
  • a clearly defined pathway and set up of your pre-launch campaign and list building mechanisms to launch campaign including content, artwork and placement
  • introduction to specialists if required (media buyers, pr agencies etc)
  • recommendation around marketing spends and likely conversion costs (CPA - cost per acquisition) 
  • detailed post launch analysis and strategy for re-marketing and automated follow-up

Currently my clients with launched shops are collectively grossing over $3.7 million dollars a year in sales revenue and growing month on month.