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e-Commerce Start-up Package

Take your idea from overwhelming thought to operational reality!

(this 15 hour package saves you 15% on my standard hourly rate)

Do any of these things describe where you are at with starting up your online shop?

  • You're excited about your e-commerce idea but are not sure how to start building your shop.
  • You've had a crack at building your shop on an e-commerce platform but it's not coming together very well and you're a bit overwhelmed with it all.
  • You have no idea which platform to use, which plug-ins work and which one's don't, which themes convert well and which ones don't.
  • You're not sure what the heck SEO is and why it is important when you are building your store.
  • You really need some advice on how to get set-up without making all the usual e-commerce start-up mistakes.
  • You set up your shopify site but your graphic designs skills suck and it really doesn't look as professional as you'd hoped.
  • You have no idea how to add marketing automation, social media integration and conversion strategies to your plan.
  • You've contacted a web design company and you fell over backwards when they told you how much they'd charge to get you up and running...

I hear those statements all the time from clients that are starting out on their exciting but daunting journey into e-commerce. The fact is that YES you can build your own shop, no doubt about it, platforms like Shopify do an amazing job of providing literally anyone with the ability to build and scale their own ecommerce shop. However there is a fairly high learning curve that you'll need to go through, that may take many months to actually build out a professional looking shop that not only looks fantastic but also converts well.

I've had many client's come to me that have had two or three attempts at building their own shops only to find they are not gaining organic traffic and are just not converting sales well. This is why I also have a REDESIGN PACKAGE in my line up of services, the reality is, all but the smallest percent of people can get it right on the first or even second try. 

What do you get with an e-Commerce Start-up Package?

If any of the above bullet points hit home with you and you've found your way to my website then you've hit that wall and know that you need to talk to someone that really gets this start-up ecommerce space.

With your Shop Start-up Package you'll get 15 hours of high quality design, consultation and build out (this is normally fine for a small start-up shop and can usually be turned around within a week). This package includes:

  • a comprehensive initial design and performance consultation.
  • a high converting home page including all custom artwork, enhanced branding, product and collection showcasing including google indexing.
  • Integration of Google Product Reviews
  • 3 enhanced high conversion product pages and 2 high conversion collection pages that can be used as templates for all of your products/collections.
  • recommenced apps that will help your store convert at its highest possible rate.
  • SEO enhanced blog set-up
  • Set up and integration of facebook/instagram shops
  • Set up and Integration of a fully integrated smart EDM marketing system 

Currently my clients with start-up/redesigned shops developed by me are collectively grossing over $3 million dollars a year in sales revenue and growing month on month.