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e-Commerce Adhoc Design & Coding

No job is ever too small!

(this is an adhoc hourly rate service, just choose how many hours with the quantity selector above. If you are unsure šŸ¤” of how many hours you'llĀ needĀ to purchase to meet your needs, hit me up onmessenger and I'll let you knowĀ šŸ˜)

Struggling to find someone for some adhoc design or codingĀ workĀ on your e-Commerce site?

I have extensive knowledge of shopify including what it can do, what it can't do and what requires custom design, coding or integration of third party apps to make it happen for you.

My Adhoc services include:

  • Graphic design, logo creation, product artwork and slider creation.
  • Backend setup, including google services, site mapping and google indexing, google analytics/facebook pixel integrationĀ andĀ payment services setups.
  • General custom theme coding (you may want your theme to perform functions that are not native to the theme).
  • Home page, product page and custom page SEO (search engine optimisation)

No job is too small, purchase from just 1 hour of design or coding, I can usually attend to small jobs same day for you!